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Celebrate Labor Day the Union Way

This upcoming Monday is the 125th Labor Day! There will be parades, marches, and celebrations across the country will honoring the rights that the labor movement has won for all working people. Union support is on the rise, nearing a 50-year high, according to a recent poll. Show us how you’re celebrating the holiday by emailing your #UnionProud photos to minurses@minurses.org.

P.S. Don’t forget to buy Union Made this Labor Day.


Hackley RNs Fight Cuts to Healthcare Benefit, Save Members Thousands 

In December 2018, the management at Mercy-Hackley Campus unilaterally made the decision to take away all of the employees’ discounts on medical services provided by the hospital, including the pharmacy. The union met this decision with swift action including:

  • Filing grievances
  • Demanding to meet with MHP leadership
  • Filing a Unfair Labor Practice with the NLRB

It wasn’t long before MHP management backed down and a settlement was brokered. Over $13,000 that should have been discounted was repaid to the nurses. Of greater significance – the medical discount was reinstated, which has been estimated to save nurses more than $90,000 so far in 2019.

The solidarity of the MHP nurses resulted in a decisive victory.


MNA/PECSH RNs Show it's All About Solidarity

MNA/PECSH’s Tammy Parsons (left) and her daughter represented MNA/PECSH on Aug. 12 at a local ATU protest in Lansing.

Around the state, MNA members are proud to show solidarity with our sisters and brothers in other unions. MNA/PECSH demonstrated this recently by joining a protest by local ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) workers. When workers stick together, we win.


TCMNA Nurses Connect With Governor Whitmer

(From left) TCMNA leaders Carolyn Moss, Eleanor Brockway and Dagmar Cunningham attended an event with Governor Whitmer on Aug. 8.

Traverse City Munson Nurses Association President Carolyn Moss gave a speech at an event in Northport attended by Governor Whitmer, among others, held on August 8, advocating for our patients and community.

During her speech, Carolyn told the audience: The labor movement is the strongest tool we can use to fight corporate greed, and nurses are determined to do our part to help the movement grow. Although the struggle to build and keep power never ends, the good news is that we can count on ourselves and each other to stay strong.


Beaumont Organizing Drive Makes International News! 

Beaumont nurses were featured in The Guardian - an international outlet - as part of a larger piece detailing organizing efforts taking place in hospitals across the country.

Nurses highlighted the importance of a union in protecting RNs who are taking on increasingly corporate healthcare systems in our efforts to provide the highest quality patient care. Check out the full article here.  

Register Today for the 2019 CE Forum 

What can you find at the 2019 CE Forum? Current research on workplace violence and an actual proven way to help stop it. How to deal with large healthcare organizations when your workplace is part of the system. Hear from a nationally recognized leader on the difference people can make when they come together for effective change. All this plus 4.0 contact hours and lunch will be at the 2019 CE ForumThursday, October 10 at the Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls. Registration is open and is free to MNA members. Sign up today and reserve your seat.

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